SAKE101 Ep.1〜Ep.7

Aya and Tomoko (Tomo) are total beginners when it comes to drinking sake.
They are here to learn how to enjoy sake from Saki, a professional sake sommelier, and journalist.

If you’re new to sake too then you’ve found the right place!

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Edited by TOMOKO

For the first episode, Saki solves the problem that Aya feels that sake doesn’t taste good.
Saki, Aya and Tomoko discuss how sake can indeed taste bad sometimes and what you can do to find sake you truly enjoy.

Tomoko was feeling confident she could find the perfect sake for her after last episode,
so she stopped by at her local sake shop.

Aya’s favorite after work activity is buying sake at the liquor store and enjoying it at home,
either alone or in the company of friends.
When she invited Tomo and Saki over for a drink one night,
she noticed the sake she had bought a week earlier tasted a little different.

Aya and Tomo are slowly learning how to enjoy the pleasures of sake with the guidance of their good friend Saki.
Tomo wants to take her understanding even further by learning how to pair sake with food.

Have you ever had a terrible hangover after a night of drinking? You’re certainly not alone.
Aya and Tomoko want to know if you can get a hangover from drinking too much sake
and their good friend and sake expert Saki is back to answer all their questions.

Aya and Tomo learned that hot sake is perfect for beginners
or anyone who has trouble pacing themselves.
They have decided to throw a hot sake party,
but they somehow managed to run into trouble again.

Aya plans to cook a classic Japanese dish called nikujaga (braised meat and potatoes).
She saw that sake was one of the ingredients in her recipe
and started to wonder what the difference between cooking sake and drinking sake was.