KJ Sakura

KJ is a wine & sake sommelier in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has 15 years of experience in the beverage industry, most recently as Wine Director of the highly acclaimed restaurant Foreign Cinema. In addition to wine, her specialty is sake and she provides virtual & educational events. She pays homage to True Sake, the first sake store in America where she worked for 4 years. She is also a certified sake educator for the Wine & Spirit Education Trust. In her spare time, KJ is a busy Masters of Wine student and judges for competitions such as the International Wine & Spirit Competition in London, England.

サンフランシスコ在住のワイン&SAKEソムリエ。名レストラン「Foreign Cinema」のワイン・ディレクターを務めたほか、飲食業界で15年の経験を持つ。アメリカ初のSAKE専門店「True Sake」に4年務めるなど、SAKEのプロフェッショナルとしてもオンラインでさまざまな教育を提供。Wine & Spirit Education Trust(WSET)認定SAKEエデュケーター。Masters of Wineの受講生でもあり、ロンドンのInternational Wine & Spirit Competitionの審査員も務める。
YouTube: Sip Somm
Instagram: @kerryjomama

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