MOMO’s Sake Pairing Lesson
Ep. 2: Kubota Manju × Sautéed Salmon with Tomato Sauce

Written by Momo Matsubara
Translated by Saki Kimura


・ A slice salmon (70-100g)
・ 1 medium tomato
・ 1 clove garlic

・ 1 branch of curly parsley
・ 10 grams salted butter
・ Salt, pepper, olive oil as needed


1. Season the salmon fillets with salt and pepper.

2. Separate the parsley stems and leaves, and chop them up.

3. Put the chopped tomatoes and chopped garlic in a frying pan. Cook down over medium heat, crushing the tomatoes.

4. When the water content is decreasing, add the butter and parsley stems and saute.

5. When the tomatoes are saucy (the butter and tomatoes have blended and thickened), push them to the edge of the pan.

6. Put olive oil in the empty space and begin to cook the salmon from the skin side down.

7. Grill the skin, then the front and back, then the sides. When the surface changes color, place the chopped parsley leaves on top.
 *Reserve a pinch of parsley for the topping.

8. Cover and steam over low-medium heat for 5 minutes.

9. When the salmon is cooked through, place it on a plate, drizzle with tomato sauce and sprinkle with parsley for topping.

MOMO’s Lesson

The concept of Kubota Manju is “the harmony of deep taste and aroma”. By focusing on the koji mold making process, it is made to be soft and flavorful. This sauce has the acidity and flavor of tomatoes, the milky richness of butter, their emulsification by olive oil, and the parsley adds a gorgeous aroma – Actually, this recipe was designed to balance the flavors of Manju!