Hanako’s Recipe:

Grilled Salmon “Chan Chan Yaki” with Sake Kasu

Written by Hanako

Ingredients (Serves 1)

 ・ A fillet of salmon (about 80 grams)
 ・ Salt
 ・ 1/8 of an onion (about 20 grams)
 ・ 20 grams cabbage
 ・ 20 grams carrot

 ・ 1 tablespoon oil
 ・ 5 grams butter
 ・ [A] 1 tablespoon miso
 ・ [A] 2 teaspoons sake kasu
 ・ [A] 1 teaspoon mirin (Japanese sweet seasoning)
 ・ [A] 1 teaspoon water


1.Sprinkle salt on both side of salmon fillet.

2.Mix [A].

 *I recommend that you bring sake kasu to the room temperature before mixing.

3.Cut the vegetables: the onion into wedges; the cabbage into chunks, the carrot into rectangles.

4.Put the oil into a frying pan, and cook the salmon. Turn it over when one side browned.

 *You don’t have to cook it thoroughly at this time.

5.Cover the salmon with vegetables of [3]. Add butter and [2]. Put the lid on and steam it for 2 minutes.


– Do not serve this to children because it includes alcohol.

Hanako’s Memo


Sake kasu × Miso × Butter Go Great with Dry Sake

Chan-chan yaki, fish like salmon and vegetables seasoned with miso, was born as a local cuisine of Hokkaido prefecture. It is popular not only in Hokkaido but also throughout Japan because you can cook it easily with a pan or an electric griddle.
Sake kasu and miso is a good combination. They make a harmony keeping each character. Plus, this recipe has a rich flavor of butter, which goes well with dry and refreshing sake.

*Sake Recommendation*

Junmai-shu Hajime (Kamoizumi Brewery @Hiroshima)
464JPY / 300 mL

Kamoizumi Brewery Website (Japanese)

This dry sake has both umami of rice and refreshing aftertaste.