Sake Helps You To Face Yourself

Written by Hanako

You Can See “The Now” Through Hakko Fermentation


Hakko, fermentation in Japanese, means to create “good” changes using microorganism’s power.

I have no choice but to believe my own instincts because they are invisible – this is the reason why I love hakko.


There is a very fine line between hakko and rotting.

If milk does the hakko process, it changes into cheese or yogurt: if it rots, on the other hand, it gives you a stomachache.

The difference between these two changes is the quality of microorganisms.


In your daily life, you hardly have an opportunity to see microorganisms through a microscope unless you’re a researcher.


This is because your own sense and instinct are important.

What you feel comfortable is what you need now.

Recently you’ve may have heard the word “mindfulness,” which means to bring your attention to things that are occurring “now” and “here.”

I believe that you can find yourself in the present moment learning hakko more in depth.


Sake Tells You How You Are “The Now”


Sake is also a gift of hakko.

Each brewery is a mine of microorganisms.

Even if some breweries use the same method, their sake will taste different because they have different organisms.


Some breweries constantly produce the sake with the same flavor every year. Other breweries change the flavor of their products year by year.I know that both of them work very hard.

Global environment fluctuates every moment. Also, growing condition of microorganisms are not always stable even though temperature and humidity are the same.


Even if a company brews sake industrially, producing things of the same quality under such environment requires endress effort. If a brewery makes a different type of sake, no one can calculate if s/he can achieve a satisfactory outcome.

There is neither “good” sake nor “bad” sake for everyone. There are only differences of sense between individuals.


Everyone has different tastes. It means that everyone has different microorganisms.

The sake world is a free world. There is more than one answer to enjoy sake.


I say this on the premise that you like sake: you have been drinking your favorite sake again and again. But one day, you can’t feel it tasty anymore all of sudden.

Of course you can assume that you’ve gotten tired of its flavor, but this might be because your physical condition has changed.


Focusing on “the now” makes your sense keen, which you can realize sake to be a measurement of your health.

I like to suggest that you enjoy sake in that way sometimes.

Enjoy Learning How You Feel


Lastly, I like to introduce my recipes using sake kasu (lees) for SakeTips! I suggest you making a few adjustment according to your feeling such as sweeter or saltier.

Enjoy learning your own sense while eating and drinking sake – before you get drunk.