SAKE -- a type of alcoholic drink made from rice and water was originally born in Japan long long time ago. SakeTips! is born out of the wish to make sake accessible to everyone in the world. What is needed to enjoy sake? Special knowledge? Fine drinkware? Amazing food pairing? Sure, any of those can help you have an amazing sake experience. But all you really need is your body. The tools meant to enhance your sake experience can feel overwhelming when you are just starting to explore the drink. Letting yourself experience sake with your eyes, your nose, your tongue and all your senses is far more important than any lecture on sake tasting. * * * SakeTips! members are located all over the world, including America. There has been a surge in sake popularity across the globe in recent years, even resulting in the birth of sake breweries outside of Japan. On the other hand, sake doesn’t have it as easy as it seems just by looking at its popularity. For example, sake made outside of Japan is not allowed to be called “Nihonshu”, even though that is the official title for the drink. This rule seems to symbolize the challenges sake culture outside of Japan faces. SakeTips! will be using the term “SAKE” instead of “Nihonshu” when it comes to referring to the drink even in Japanese version, because we want to talk about sake from a global perspective. We also value the novice’s perspective in this because we believe sake is not just for the know-it-all enthusiasts. We even have members that don’t know much about sake. We believe their fresh perspective and common questions can help us write better articles to make sake accessible. * * * SAKE IS FOR EVERYONE. It is for those who are new to it and those who have been in love with it their whole life. It is for those who brew it, for those who sell it, and those who drink it. It is for the Japanese, for the Americans, for anyone in the world who wants to enjoy it. Our mission is to make sake accessible for everyone, so they can enjoy it with their own body and in their own words. We are here to help you experience sake.