Sake Poetry:
Gikyo “Chivalry”
Gohyakumangoku Junmai Genshu Origarami Nama
(Yamachu-Honke Brewery @Aichi Pref.)

Written by Ryosuke
Translated by Jojo Brandel

Another day

Dust is forming in thin layers in my decrepit living room

I know that today is my last and that it’s time to get going

I blink and take a breath 


There is something tragic about it

like a recurring delusion where groups of horrid men are forced to dance

in a distant country where the sky always falls and the ocean is stuck in between 


Above the support beams that hold up tomorrow,

I wonder if it is unseen happiness,

or my own obvious misery 

that commands a larger voice


The tips of my eyelashes are quivering

and my cells start to respond

There’s no longer room for improvement in the present

where every redundancy is strangled to death 


All of my closest senses are now far away

and the dream is gone by the time I finish hanging my laundry by the window

A glass sits underneath

That’s when the tinder of a completely exhausted warmth awakes

and today slips into tomorrow