Hanako’s Recipe:

Sake Kasu Tea & Sake Kasu Shakes

Written by Hanako
*This recipe originally appeared on the booklet for SAKE DAY 2019 

Sake Kasu Tea

Ingredients (About 100mL/3.5oz)

 ・ 100mL tea (made with 1 tea bag)
10 grams sake kasu
1 teaspoon sugar


1.Make a tea with hot water and cool it down for 30 min.

 *Use less hot water than instructions of the tea bag.

2.Mix sake kasu, sugar and the tea with a blender.

3.Cool in the fridge.

4.Enjoy it!

Sake Kasu Shakes

Ingredients (About 100mL/3.5oz)

 ・ 100mL pure soy milk
15 grams sake kasu
10-15 grams jam as you like (I use blueberry for the picture)
   *Adjust the amount of jam depending on its sweetness.


Mix sake kasu and soy milk with a blender.

2.Put the jam into the blender and mix again.

3.Enjoy it!