Hanako’s Recipe:
Sake Kasu Vegan Scones

Written by Hanako

Ingredients (1 inch thick, 4 Pieces)

 ・ 100 grams wheat flour
 ・ 1 teaspoon baking powder
 ・ 20 grams rapeseed oil
 ・ 20 grams maple syrup
 ・ 20 grams sake kasu
 ・ 20 grams raisins
 ・ 10 mL water



1.Preheat oven to 360℉.

2.Put sake kasu and raisins in the same bowl.

3.Mix wheat flour and baking powder in another bowl.

4.Mix rapeseed oil and maple syrup, then put in (Step 3) bowl. Rub them with hands until mixture is crumbly.

5.Put (Step 2) in (Step 4) and knead the dough.

 *Add water gradually if needed to make dough more smooth.

6.Roll out the dough and cut the desired shape.

7.Bake for 15-20 minutes.

– Do not serve this to children because it includes alcohol.

Hanako’s Memo


Let’s Make Vegan Scones for Your Breakfast!

I make this recipe when I have nothing to eat for breakfast because it takes only one hour for cooking. You can adjust the amount of ingredients if you remember you can make 4 pieces with 100 grams of flour and 20 grams of each ingredient. You can’t believe that these crispy scones are totally vegan!
This is lightly sweet, so you can add jam, honey or syrup if you like. If you have time, I recommend mixing sake kasu and raisins from the day before to make a rum raisin like flavor.
Do you feel guilty when you make baked sweets because they make you eat too much? These scones are healthy, so it should reduce your sense of guilty!