Hanako’s Recipe:

Pan-Fried Pork with Sake Kasu Miso

Written by Hanako


 ・ 100 grams pork loin
 ・ 1 tablespoon oil

 ・ [A] 10 grams miso paste (Japanese soybean paste)
 ・ [A] 10 grams sake kasu
 ・ Vegetable as you like, such as onions, cabbages etc


1.Mix [A] to make sake kasu miso paste.

2.Paste (1) on both sides of pork loin and leave it out for more than half a day.

 *You can enrich the flavor if you rest it more than one day.

3.Wipe off the paste on the surface of (2).

4.Put the oil into a frying pan, and cook (3) on a low heat.

5.Turn it over when one side browned, then cook vegetables together.


– Do not serve this to children because it includes alcohol

Hanako’s Memo


Easy, Quick, But Super Rich!

Imagine when you get home late at night but starving, also in drinking mood – this recipe would help you. Easy, quick, but the flavor is super rich, best with both sake and cooked rice. When I buy pork loin, I always paste the sake kasu miso sauce on it, place in a self-sealing food storage bag, then put it in freezer. Moving it to fridge in the morning, I can cook thawed one soon after work. Oh, you forgot moving it because you overslept? No problem – you can also fry frozen one thoroughly on low heat.

*Sake Recommendation*

Sakura-Fubuki Nama-Chozo (Kanemitsu Brewery @Hiroshima) 
383JPY /300mL

Kanemitsu Brewery Website (Japanese)

Sakura-Fubuki is a dry sake with refreshing aftertaste. It goes well with mellow flavor of miso.