Hanako’s Recipe:
Sake Kasu-Flavored Karaage (Deep Fried Chicken)

Written by Hanako


 ・ 1 chicken breast half
 ・ [A] 50 grams of sake kasu (sake lees)
 ・ [A] 1 teaspoon salt
 ・ [A] 1/10 cup water


The Day Before

1.Mix [A] ingredients in a bowl.

  *Heating sake kasu with 1 teaspoon water a few seconds in the microwave makes this step easier. Take care not to overheat it.

2.Pickle chicken breast more than 1 hour: resting it overnight is highly recommended.

  *The ratio by weight of chicken breast and sake kasu should be 10:1. For example, if the chicken breast is 200 grams, you pickle it with 20 grams of sake kasu.

The Day

3.Quickly rinse pickled chicken and dry it with paper towels.

4.Cut chicken into bite-size and coat them with starch.

5.Pour the oil into the pan and deep-fry chicken pieces.

— Keep leftover of sake kasu in fridge and use it up in a week.
— Do not serve this to children because it includes alcohol.

Hanako’s Memo

To Enjoy Flavor of a Brewery, Not Only Drink Sake But Also Eat Sake Kasu!

Because sake kasu is the leftover from sake production, you can enjoy the unique flavor of the brewery from it. I recommend that you purchase not only sake but also sake kasu of your favorite brewery.
Sake kasu shows various faces depending on what you pair it with. If you use it with meat or fish, as this recipe, you can make those ingredients super fragrant. Also, the juicy flavor of sake kasu absolutely goes well with sake.

Sake Recommendation

nonal (Hana No Tsuyu @Fukuoka) 1,404JPY/720mL
*It is sold only at Hakata Sumiyoshi Liquor Store

“nonal” is tokubetsu-junmai sake with rice-malt smell and elegant sweetness. It is smooth, drinkable, and suitable for any kind of food.