Happy 1st Anniversary Of SakeTips!
See What’s Going On In The US Sake World Through SAKE DAY 2019

Written by Saki Kimura

On September 28th Saturday, the biggest sake event outside of Japan “SAKE DAY 2019” was held at Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco. 

The number of guests increased than last year: 900 tickets were sold out before the day and venders’ tables were arranged in three halls.

According to Beau Timken, the president of the hosts this event True Sake, the first event was held in a classroom with 75 guests. This change tells that the sake status in US has dramatically progressed for 14 years.

The hall is filled with excitement! It is surprising that this video shows only one of three rooms.

The biggest reason of its popularity is that guests can taste over 250 kinds of sake. Of course, it is fascinating that they can talk with brewers who came from Japan and knowledgeable importers and distributors.

Photo by Ken Ko

Beau and True Sake’s manager Mei serve this year’s welcome sake, Shizuka Junmai Ginjo from Daimon Brewery (Osaka Pref.).

Photo by Ken Ko

Takenotsuyu Brewery from Yamagata Pref., the brewery of Hakuro Suishu.

Photo by Ken Ko

Mioya Brewery from Ishikawa Prefecture, the brewery of Yuho.

Photo by Ken Ko

Heiwa Shuzo from Wakayama Prefecture, the brewery of KID.

Photo by Ken Ko

Hatsumomidi from Yamaguchi Prefecture, the brewery of Harada.

Gekkeikan USA makes hot sake with dried squid!

Many US local breweries also attended.
Sequoia Sake Company from San Francisco pair their sake with food by Ichido’s chef Geoffrey and miso specialist Mieko.

Den Sake Brewery from Oakland serves Batch 8 and pasteurized sake!

Setting Sun Sake Brewing Co. from San Diego.

Photo by Ken Ko

Brooklyn Kura from New York.

Texas Sake Company from Austin, Texas.

At SakeTips! table, the hakko lover Hanako serves drinks made with sake kasu from Sequoia Sake Company. We also give the special booklet with their recipes.

“What is sake kasu?”
“It is unusual!”

We get various reactions because it is the first time for most guests to taste sake kasu. Some people make a wry face and leave it. Others love it: a woman is so excited and says “I’ll Venmo you $50 if you give me the whole jar!”

On the note, we can find the comment “This honestly tastes like a little peace of heaven! Oh my god! Why is this sooo good!!!”

We will publish the articles in detail by Hanako and Yoko (She helped Hanako with English) later!

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October 1st is Sake Day (
Nihonshu-no-hi), and the one-year anniversary of SakeTips!
Thanks to readers and members that always share sake stories, we could keep updating the website constantly for a year. Thank you all! 

SAKE DAY 2019 was full of hope for the future that sake is loved in the world. It was suitable for SakeTips! to celebrate its 1st anniversary.

We will take time off next week for the first time. Look forward to the update week after next!